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USA21:22 Min.
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One night in the life a young man who transports escorts and ends up taking a wrong turn…

Written, directed, produced by Fritz Celestin
EP: Gary Jean Baptiste
Prod: Marc Henry Johnson
DP: Eric Giovon
Editor : Wesley Swinnen



NY at night; where life begins while others sleep. Gogo is an impulsive 22 yr old black aspiring rapper. Gogo gets in his car, checks his glove compartment for condoms, and drives off to pk-up Lexi– a sexy uptown mamacita. Its apparent that Gogo has a rapport with her and this ain’t a first date, in fact its not a date at all– they reach their destination and Gogo parks outside a building. From their conversation we discover to our surprise that Lexi is an escort –a call girl! and Gogo is her personal transport.

She leaves the car betting Gogo that she will return in less than the allotted 60 min. laughing Gogo calls to report back to his boss; the detestable Sanchez, who operates the escort agency from the kitchen in his Bronx apartment.

Sanchez gives Gogo his next assignment for the long night: pick up Maribella downtown. When Gogo arrives, she enters the car, and Gogo is instantly captivated by her beauty,a striking tall white brunette. Maribella speaks with a choppy European accent, and immediately begins flirting with gogo who– gladly follows along, letting her TOUCH him in places that cause him to blush. When she leaves to go service her client– Gogo reports back to Sanchez his fascination with Maribella and Sanchez laughs, confessing to Gogo that Maribella is a transvestite! leaving Gogo shellshocked at the flashback of her touching him all over!

The next pick up is Casey: Gogo pulls up to her on a street and realizes that she is standing outside an NYU dorm; this girl is a college student! Casey enters, a gorgeous honey brown coed and as they drive to her client in Brooklyn, Casey and Gogo mutually hit off– but Gogo breaks the good vibes when he naively questions why a smart college student would turn to prostitution? Hitting a nerve, Casey shuts down. Luckily the silence is broken when Sanchez calls and informs Gogo that Casey’s original client cancelled and that he is booking another one, but in the meantime they should kill time. Gogo offers to take Casey to a diner while they wait for Sanchez’ next call.

At the Diner– the greasy food works to lift Casey’s spirits, sparking conversation –and she confides to Gogo her reasons for being a call girl, and reveals that this is her first night on the job. Gogo assures her that everything will be alright and that he is there for her protection. Then Sanchez calls with her new client information, but unlike the other girls–Gogo is uneasy about this one– caring for Casey more than he should.

They arrive at the client’s house on a dark street in Brooklyn. Before she exits, Gogo expresses his concerns but she seems remarkably unafraid for a novice. She comforts Gogo with a kiss then leaves into the night. Its late, and Gogo falls asleep in the car waiting for her. He awakes to a car passing by and realizes that 90 min has passed by and Casey is long overdue! Panicking he call Sanchez, who is unusually calm and instructs Gogo to wait a few minutes more and if she doesn’t show up–go ring the bell and ask for her. Fearing foul play, Gogo waits all but 2 minutes and proceeds to go after her, taking the Club, a metal steering wheel lock as weapon.

He rings the bell and is buzzed in, he goes up the stairs and the apt door opens to reveal the John; a 30ish clean cut corporate looking white male wearing an open collar shirt. Gogo enters the expansive loft clutching the Club in his hand, when he sees a pistol on a table where The John grabs a drink. After a few tense moments, its obvious this guy has done something bad to Casey. Gogo’s eyes frantically scan the room for her– when the John orders him to get Casey towards the rear of the room. Gogo cautiously moves to the back and finds Casey laying on the carpet with evidence of some type of rough sex play. Gogo helps her up and walks her towards the door. As they are about to leave– the John tauntingly instructs Gogo to tell Sanchez to send him another ripe one for next week. With that Gogo realizes the dark-side of the business, a side he has never encountered before. Back in the car with Casey; Gogo calls Sanchez, confronts him as to why he would knowingly send a girl to a monster?? Sanchez reminds him to never show emotion for these girls, and threatens Gogo to bring back his money. But Gogo has heard enough. This night is over for him and for her.

Original title Nightdriver _ slate. pilot




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