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8 Unbelievable Rapper Body Transformations… (Drake, Gucci Mane & MORE!): 1x1

8 Unbelievable Rapper Body Transformations... (Drake, Gucci Mane & MORE!)

8 Unbelievable Rapper Body Transformations… (Drake, Gucci Mane & MORE!) Rappers tend to go through many transformations, look at Drake, for example, Drake looks extremely different now then he did when he started his rapping career. Drake has gone from rocking a taper to a fade to getting more muscle mass. This is just Drake alone. Look over at J. Cole, J. Cole went from rocking hats to having a full head of hair. There is also Eminem who is known for his bleach blonde look he rocked at the prime of career to now sporting his natural brown hair and even a beard! These are just minor things to take about when it comes to rapper transformations. In this video, we breakdown transformations rappers have gone through. In this video, you will see many transformations that people wouldn’t believe could’ve happened. Let us know what you think about the video and what we can do to improve upon them.


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